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Where is Minot, North Dakota?

Things are really booming in Minot, North Dakota. It is just the latest chapter in the remarkable history of a community onthe prairie known as the “Magic City.” But where is Minot? 

Minot is a regional hub, serving people from northwest and north central North Dakota. It also serves people from neighboring areas like Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada and her western neighbor, Montana. Minot enjoy great access to the entire country. In fact,  few cities in America are have better access to transportation, including three railroads, three highways, an international airport and an efficient bus service.

Most people probably know Minot for being the nearest city to Minot Air Force Base, home to the Fifth Bombing and 96th Missile Units. Minot is military friendly and offers every kind of service and convenience possible. This micropolis has a population of about 46,000 within the city that serves as the Ward County seat.

You might wonder what you can do in Minot. There may be those who think that the only thing folks here can do it huddle around the fireplace and ice fish.  The truth is that folks here are very active.

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Whether it is a day at the Scandinavian Heritage Park, the Dakota Territory Air Museum, the Minot Railroad Museum or  the Minot Riverwalk, a 2.5 mile walking and biking trail, you will always have something great to experience! The Roosevelt Park Zoo is always a hit with the kids too!

Minot is a wonderful place to live, work or play. People pride themselves on keeping the city clean and environmentally-friendly. The business community works hard to provide easy access to virtually anything area residents may need and there is always something happening in the community for the whole family to enjoy. 

It’s true! Minot is a great place to raise a family. There are 13 elementary schools, three middle schools and three high schools in Minot. The schools in Minot place a great emphasis on academics, fine arts and of course, sports.

If you plan to buy a home on the prairie, this is a great time to become part of the Minot community. There are plenty of work opportunities, easy access in and out of the city and the housing here is quite a value too! Currently, the median home price in the area is just $239,900. What are you waiting for? Check out the available properties in Minot today!

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