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Waterfront property in Minot North Dakota

While you may not think there’s much water around Minot you might be surprised as to find waterfront property and land for sale within Ward County. At any given time there’s anywhere from 2 to 5 properties that are considered waterfront with in either the city limits of Minot or the surrounding areas of Ward County. This is typically in a rural Minot and you may find several acres for sale at a great price.

Looking to build your own home? Set up a farm, conduct agricultural research? Whatever you’re interested in we can help you find the right waterfront or irrigation all type of property for your needs.

At the Minot commercial and residential real estate agent we take special care of our land buyers by offering them all the information they would need including planning and zoning information, territory rules, sewer and utility information, and as much details as we can provide on individual land and waterfront property. From just a few thousand square feet to hundreds of acres, enlisting the help of a dedicated waterfront property or commercial property agent can make the process seem so much easier.

Looking to retire in your dream home? Finding lots for sale for less than $50,000 is easy when you go with the dedicated crew at signal realtors. We not only can show you all properties for sale including commercial and residential, but we can help narrow down your search to your price range, tastes and needs.

Next time you need to buy waterfront property in Minot or land anywhere around Ward County North Dakota, please call our offices today or start your online search here for free.

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What are you waiting for? Talk to the friendly professionals at Minot Commercial today and take the next step toward moving your business forward. Whether you are buying or selling, Minot Realty has the expertise and extensive network to ensure that your real estate needs will be met for years to come! If you're interested in learning more about commercial loan for Minot property, contact us today. We specialize in commercial property and  real estate for the Minot North Dakota area. We want to provide you with all the necessary resources and listings to help make the process smooth and satisfactory.

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