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What is an IPO?

The business world is quickly changing more and more every day. Walking into a brick and mortar place of business no longer looks like it did just a few years ago, and that is because of the IPO. IPO’s have grown in popularity over the recent years. An IPO is an Individual Private Office. It is a shared office concept offering the lease of small spaces from about 100 to 1000 square feet with a variety of shared amenities.

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These shared perks can include conference rooms, kitchens, reception areas, and more. Many of these spaces are often “plug-in” ready with phone and internet hook-ups good to go.

Many IPO tenants enjoy this type of office spaces for the following reasons:

Low Overhead Cost

Opening a new office on your own can be costly and time-consuming. The frugal route is not always the better one in the business realm. High-quality supplies, furnishings, and stylized finishes are important to be able to do the job as well as set a professional tone to clients. Shared office space can free you from many of the cost burdens of decorating, furnishing, wifi/phone/lighting hookups and more.

IT Infrastructure

In today’s technology driven world it is hard to stay at the top of your market without the best in technology services. Many shared office spaces offer dedicated IT support on site and Wifi and phone services hooked up and ready to go. All you have to do is hook up your computer and get to work.


The burden of securing your office space in off of you and on the landlord. Shared office spaces offer varying levels of security from keycard access to hired personnel. You can rest a bit easier knowing that your space is secure because it is already taken care of by the building.

Flexibility and the Possibility of Shorter Leases

Business is ever changing and so are the needs of any particular company. Shared office space gives you the freedom to rent different types of spaces for shorter lengths of time. Maybe you only need to rent desk space for a few hours a week or need the use of closed office space on a more permanent basis. A shared office lease allows you to make those decisions.

Networking Opportunity

Shared office space gives you the unique advantage of getting to know the other businesses in the office. Many shared office spaces have already seen the benefits to companies that use them with companies coming together to further their businesses in ways they would have never thought about if they had been working alone.

There are many reasons why IPO spaces are vastly growing. Are you looking to invest in an IPO space to lease to growing businesses in Minot? We can help you in your Minot commercial real estate search. Contact us anytime.


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