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Tips to Make Your Warehouse More Appealing to Leasees

Tips to make your warehouse more appealing to lessee

In the past few years there has been an increasing demand for warehouse spaces, and because of that an increase in the number of warehouse and storage units being built. Though there are many companies looking to lease warehouse space currently, it is still important to provide a warehouse that is appealing to potential tenants.  

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Here are some helpful tips to help draw in potential clients for your warehouse space.  

A highly desirable and sought after characteristic of some warehouses is the interesting amenities they can provide for onsite staff. Some warehouses have begun to offer food services or an area in which a food service can set up. Other popular amenities include ample and comfortable break spaces that offer things like television and charging stations.  

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Do your homework and check out other warehouses in the area that are attractive to companies and never seem to have an issue with empty space. Check out what makes them so desirable. What does the warehouse look like? What special amenities are they offering?  

Businesses are looking for a space that is easy to do business in. Things that help a business run smoothly in a warehouse include high ceilings, plenty of wide-open space, and plenty of parking that is easy to access.  

Many of today’s successful and climbing businesses rely on technology in some capacity to get the job done well and efficiently. Adding some technological advancements to your warehouse can be a huge draw to companies. Things like smart temperature controls, sign-in technology, and more can do a lot to bring in interested leasees. 

It is a local real estate agent’s job to know the market in which they serve and know it well. So if you are stumped on what would make your warehouse more appealing to leasees, a great place to look for advice is your real estate agent. They will know what the most attractive and sought after warehouse space in the area currently is, and may have some tips on how you can make your warehouse space more attractive to companies in the area or maybe even companies that are outside the area looking to move into it.  

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 Lea Plotkin - Heron Bay Realtor Says: Great post! It may be hard to upsell a plain warehouse but this is a great way to get more eyes on the property! 


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