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How to revamp your new commercial space in and around Minot

Contrary to common belief, once you’ve found the perfect commercial space, your journey isn’t over. Finding the space is the first step to having a successful business, the second step is to create a space that keeps customers/clients coming back for more. While each individual business will have it’s own unique feel and some revamp tips could fit seamlessly in one business and seem out of place in another, there are a few simple things you can do to help keep your space fresh, clean and professional. Even in the most professional business, nobody likes to walk into an office that is solid white walls with no personality, this can make people feel uncomfortable and unable to open up easily. When there are personality pieces, especially in businesses, it allows customers/clients/tenants to feel more at ease and enjoy their experience in your commercial space to it’s fullest.How to revamp your new commercial space in and around Minot

Pop of Color- If you have computer screens in your space that can be viewed or seen by those walking through your door, try to set your backgrounds and screen savers to some sort or art work instead of a solid or default background.  This will allow those who walk in the door to have a more pleasant visual, while it may seem small, it helps tremendously.

Breathe Life- An easy way to add character to your space is to add a few live plants. While fake plants require no work, they don’t have the same effect as the real deal. Find pottery or planters that have character and your space will instantly have a little more life.

Lighting- If you purchased a space that has poor lighting, don’t be afraid of lamps. You don’t need to have great lighting wired into the building; in fact, adding floor and desk lamps can not only brighten up the space but also adds character.

Organize- Pending on your space, if you have office supplies such as pens and pencils available for customers or even on a desk where they can be seen, organize! Having clutter is an easy way to detour people, by organizing these small gadgets your will look and feel more professional.

Desk space- If you have a desk in your space don’t be afraid to personalize. This makes those walking in the door feel more at home. Find a trinket from home that you love and put it on your desk; this will be a great conversation starter!

Storage- Make use of wall space, clutter is an easy way to give off a negative impression, even if it’s simply boxes that are left in sight. Add a hanging shelf, custom built in shelving, cubing shelves, etc. By adding some storage it will not only be more appealing visually, but it will also allow you to stay more organized.

In all commercial spaces there is a specific feel and place for things. Make sure your space is true to you and your business. Whether you are purchasing or leasing space for a restaurant, housing, additional office space for an already growing business, etc. by using a few simple and affordable tricks your space will be more inviting and help expand your business. Are you still searching for the perfect space? Get in contact with an agent today and find the space that fits your needs and then start to settle in and decorate!




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