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Current Hotel Trends for Commercial Buyers 

In the ever-changing world we live in many commercial real estate spaces have begun to change and adjust to keep up with the demand of certain business types. One such industry that has seen a change in the type of space that is being sought after is the hotel industry.  Current Hotel Trends for Commercial Buyers

Here are some new features hotels are looking to incorporate into their spaces as demand changes:  

Wellness Options 

Offering amenities and opportunities that appeal to health conscience guests has become increasingly popular. Hotels are adapting to be spaces where guests can get away from the hustle and stress of everyday life, get rejuvenated, and not have to drop their healthy eating plans or work outs while they do it.  

Hotels are offering nutritious and fresh dining options, state of the art fitness centers, fitness classes, spas and more.  


Artificial Intelligence 

Technology is constantly advancing and at an accelerated rate. Today hotels utilize this in the way they book appointments, check guests in and out, and offer in room convenience to guests.  

Hotels are moving to streamline the comfort and satisfaction of services offered to a customer that is used to instant gratification from at home technology. Now more and more hotels are adding smart technology to rooms as well as office spaces to get work done more quickly and offer cool and easy to use amenities.  

Say good-bye to alarm clocks, telephones, and remote controls in your hotel room and hello to a tablet that controls everything in one place. Some hotels are even opting for voice control features.  



Many more vacationers are looking to stay in cool, exotic, and remote locations. They want to get away from large cities and go on an adventure. While they are not looking to leave their technology completely behind them, they would like the option to unplug for just a few hours and enjoy a more remote location. This is why hotels with modern amenities will be seen popping up in creative locations all over.  

Speaking of all over, more hotels are opening up international locations. As business is conducted more and more on a global scale and travelers search to navigate the entire globe, hotels are beginning to expand to new countries allowing guests to stay in a place they feel they already know.  


Work and Play in One Stay 

With more and more jobs being performed remotely thanks to ever-evolving technology and company expansions, the line between work and play is becoming a lot thinner. Hotels have caught on to this and are offering options for those that work from remote destinations to stay and play while still having the features they need to get their work done.  

Work areas are popping up in lobbies, shared office spaces with amenities like printers and wifi, and rooms with ample desk space are becoming more the norm in everyday hotels not just those with convention centers.  

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