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 Commercial real estate agents are quite different from residential. For starters, most transactions take anywhere from three months to a year to complete. There are a lot more details involved in commercial real estate project than in the residential and typically we have about 2 to 5 properties at any given time in a transaction.Commercial real estate agents in Minot

When you choose a real estate agent to buy or sell commercial property throughout Minot  There are several options. This is not a game  in which there are hundreds of options but there are dozens. So why would you go with Signal Realtors? Well for one thing, Kristin Boen and Duane Peterson have been working in the Minot  real estate market for years.

Kristin graduated with a degree in architecture from the North Dakota State University and has lived here for several years. She has a design background as well as architecture and commercial real estate has been a natural progression in her occupational industry. She knows construction, zoning, design and building progress as well as space planning and this helps Kristin guide her clients in making an educated decision on the right property for their commercial needs. Many commercial real estate agents do not have this type of degree and simply want to get into the business in order for the large commission. But that commission comes at a steep price for many real estate agents. Kristen is a top commercial  producer for Signal Realtors and continues to help multiple clients find and purchase the right commercial property for their needs, their future, and any additional renovations and upgrades that the building might need to undertake over the next few years. This information is  crucial and valuable when it comes to commercial real estate buyers. She currently has five commercial properties for sale.

Commercial real estate agents in MinotDuane Peterson Is the owner and operator of Signal Realtors, which is a leading agency of commercial real estate in Minot  and surrounding communities and the entire north-central North Dakota area. He's been a lifelong resident and understands commercial real estate sales and finance unlike any other agents. Duane Is an expert in all types of building and land development including industrial, hotel and motel properties, office and retail space, multi family, farm or recreational properties. Because of this experience, your transaction will be held at a higher standard and your transaction will be closed on time for the right terms.

You have a lot of options when it comes to commercial real estate agents in the area but why not go with the best? Go with the experience, the talent, the skills and the education that comes behind these two partners. Give them a call today for more information or to view any current listings in the Minot commercial real estate market.

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